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Site revision, and I've made some new pages.  I took a lot of pages I wasn't happy with and redrew them, essentially.  I have a lot of redrawing to do before I'll be content enough with it to send it to a publisher.  I made the party scene into an animation for the public access show "A Work of Art with Sandy Allen".  Unfortunately, the version on TV was unreadable!  Click here for the clear version.
The entire comic is online.  70 pages of "neo-shakespearean goodness"!  Who the hell am I quoting?  Anyway, we printed up booklet versions of this for the Comic Con, and let them go for $3.00 because the print quality was so bad.  By "print", I of course mean "photocopy".
I'll try to print a superior version some time in the future.
If you're here from the address written on the print comic, you should be happy to know you can read the whole thing in full color here.
There's still the forum.

We now have a forum!  I'm anxious to hear your comments about my work, so please POST POST POST!
I'm going to print this thing up in book form, and sell it at the San Diego Comic Con!

Hope to see you there!